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Integration courses

Integration courses in and around Cologne

As an interpreter, I started learning languages fairly early. Spending time abroad made me realize that the English and French I learned in school will not necessarily allow me to communicate in foreign countries. Nevertheless, English and French class set the basis for my interest in other cultures, countries and languages. And I am still very interested in this. I love to travel to other countries. I am fascinated by languages that I don’t speak and I get excited when I feel welcome in a country, even though I don’t speak the language of said country.

– Katharina Gausling



Living in a foreign country without knowing the language very well is challenging if you don’t have access to language classes or integration courses. Learning languages connects people. Language is the key to self-determination and independence. Those who come to Germany due to wars, for jobs or for their families and who have not yet had access to the German language often find themselves in a difficult situation. In order to be able to act independently as quickly as possible, class should prepare students for their everyday lives in Germany, for possible hurdles and for linguistic peculiarities. Realistic, straight-forward lessons as preparation for the B1 or B2 exam, as well as for study preparation, are very important to us. To understand. To live. Together.


The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees only works with approved lecturers for integration courses. Teachers for integration courses must either have a university degree in teaching or have a degree as an interpreter or translator as well as experience in teaching adults. Thanks to our experience in teaching teens and adults, we could prove our knowledge and skills so that we were authorized as teachers for integration courses for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


Of course, we also offer English and French lessons for exam preparation or as regular private lessons. Do not hesitate to contact us.