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Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

– George Steiner


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In a globalized world, many companies are facing the challenge of selling their products globally in order to increase their sales. Today, international trade is important not only for Global Players but also for small and medium sized enterprises.

Your company is surely up to date when it comes to hardware, software and the like. You should make sure that it also meets the linguistic demands of today’s globalized world as potential customers may be found outside of the country you founded your company in. Just like computers replaced typewriters years ago, multi-lingual websites should replace English-only websites. Only then will your company be successful in the long run.

GoTranslations on computer with phone and coffeeod, correct and easy-to-read translations are a key to a company’s success. A company’s website is their flagship, their business card that is accessible to each and every user of the world wide web. Make a good impression by getting your website, flyers, and other marketing materials translated by experts. High-quality translations will leave a positive impression on your potential customers and may be the icing on the cake that makes them want to buy with you.

It is best if your texts do not sound translated. But the text should promote an overall positive impression. Therefore, translators need sound knowledge of the languages and the topics that they are translating.

Prices for translations vary depending on field of expertise, difficulty of the text and language combination. We are happy to provide a quote for every translation in order to guarantee cost transparency for you. If you want to have your texts translated, do keep in mind that there may have to be a certain lead time. We are obviously happy to also accept projects at short notice – depending on capacity. Nevertheless, you should allow a few days or weeks for processing, especially for large amounts of text to ensure that your text can be handled by only one translator. Many cooks spoil the broth – even in the translation business. Terminology, style, the way of expressing oneself – all these factors are individual and it is therefore easy to recognize if more than one or two translators were working on a text. The text may not be as smooth then, its terminology may be inconsistent and it may seem less professional. So trust your team for translations! Trust Konferenzdolmetscher Köln – your team of conference interpreters and translators in Cologne and beyond.




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Norman Grafweg
Norman Grafweg
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